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NC 2019 AAU State Meet

NC AAU 2019 State Championship

In a brand new facility in Rocky Mount,NC around 850 gymnasts showed what they could do...and they could do a lot! Team NC AAU Gymnastics put on a wonderful State Championship. The Judges all decorated their tables, the balloons were great, and the whole atmosphere was festive. Kudos to Team NC AAU!

NC 2019 L6-10 State Meet

NC Level 6-10 State Meet 2019

Rose's Gymnastics hosted the 2019 Level 6-10 State Championship again this year, and it was another fabulous state meet. No matter what colors they use to decorate, the Greenville Convention Center always looks terrific! It goes without saying that the gymnastics looks even more awesome every year, too!

Us at The Gala

The Gala - 2019

Another memorable experience in Asheville! Over 1400 competitors, wonderful Frank Sinatra tunes and guys in tuxes looking dapper...where else but at The Gala? Here's a picture of the two of us on the last day of the meet, happy to have experienced another great weekend.

Vault perfect score

2018 NC Compulsory State Meet

Morgan's Gymnastics hosted a well run state meet in the Smithfield Recreation & Aquatics Center December 1-2, 2018. Just one of the awesome things we saw was a perfect 10 on the level 3 vault from Elana Sousa of Sonshine Gymnastics. Congratulations to Elana and to all the gymnasts present at the meet who showed us what great gymnastics looks like.

ScoreKing previewed its new Floor Manager, that helps to manage the bump-in warmups on floor. Managed from a tablet with easy to use interfaces, the names of the next gymnasts who should take the floor are displayed on a screen adjacent to the floor. All in all, another great meet!

2018 BronzeSilver

2018 NC Bronze & Silver State Meet

The pictures don't do justice to the wonderful balloon display at the Bronze & Silver State Meet. The girls were of course in top form too, so it was truly an awesome meet! It was held in Winston-Salem at the Fairgrounds sponsored by Central Carolina Gymnastics.

The ScoreKing Coaches Console showcased new functions such as easily displaying the scores that were contributing to a team score. It remains a hit anywhere we take it!

2018 GPD State

2018 Xcel Gold Platinum Diamond State Meet

Everest Gymnastics hosted the 2018 Gold Platinum Diamond State Championship and did a wonderful job! The growth of the Xcel program in NC was demonstrated by the fact that we now have a whole session of Diamonds for the first time. 462 Golds, 200 Platinums and 46 Diamonds! Wow!

2018 L710 State

2018 NC Level 6-10 State Meet

Rose's Gymnastics did another great job hosting the 6-10 State Meet in the Greenville Convention Center. The place always looks terrific thanks to great lighting and pretty decorations provided by obviously talented volunteers.

ScoreKing provided both a Leaderboard for the parents and the Coaches Console for the coaches. Scores were everywhere :-)

Another wonderful state meet for the books!

2018 Gala

The Gala 2018

The first meet I've been to with nice looking guys in tuxes escorting the gymnasts out to the floor! And spotlights and flowers for the Girls! Well Done!

The ScoreKing software turned in its own spotlight-deserving performance, too, of course!

2017 Regional

2017 Region 8 Level 9-10 Championship

Hosted by Kidsport in the Greensboro Colisseum April 7-9, Meet Director Sarah Myers and her fabulous friends and gym families put on a terrific meet for the girls to show their awesome skills.

ScoreKing turned in another smoothly running scoring experience, one that Sarah termed "a flawless" performance. We're happy with that!

2017 Gold Plat Meet

2017 NC Gold Platinum Diamond State Meet

LemPossible and their wonderful supporters made it possible to enjoy a great state meet in their neighborhood! Held Mar 31 - April 2 in Trinity, NC, our Gold, Platinum and Diamond gymnasts showed what they could do! The touchscreen Coaches Console was once again a hit with coaches. Next stop for ScoreKing...the Region 8 Level 9-10 Championship.

2017 Bronze Silver Meet

2017 NC Bronze Silver State Meet: Greetings from Greenville!

Rose's Gymnastics hosted a wonderful state meet March 25-27,2017 at the Greenville Convention Center.

Beautiful gymnastics in a lovely facility. For ScoreKing, it was the maiden voyage of our Coaches Console on a 23" touchscreen. It was a hit!

2016 Compulsory

2016 NC Compulsory State Meet: Great Meet on the Coast!

December 2-4,2016 at the Crystal Coast Civic Center

Congratulations to the 677 gymnasts who turned in great performances and to both New Bern Gymnastics and Crystal Coast Gymnastics for hosting a wonderful meet. A well run meet at a beautiful location... what else can you ask for?

August, 2016: The first year of ScoreKing's existence has come to a successful close!

The scoring system was used for over 26 meets - including two State Championships, lots of USA Gymnastics Invitationals, High School Conference and State Meets, PGL and Stars - with happy customers all around us! Thanks to all the gyms that gave us a great first year! Lots of new functions were added as the year went on, including Live Scoring, a Leader Board for the Coaches' room and new and improved reports. Customers who used the web interface for planning their meet were very positive on the experience.

And on the device side, support was added for Android and Windows 10 offering flexibility for clubs that are interested in licensing.

All in all, an exciting year! Now onward to the next...

2016 NC Level 7-10 State Meet

March 18-20, 2016 at the Greesboro Colisseum Complex

"Well Done" to Gymnasts, Coaches, Judges and Kidsport for a truly awesome meet! For ScoreKing, it was the maiden voyage for our "Leader Board" that scrolled Team and Individual Results in the Coaches' room, a popular feature. Live Scoring was provided as well. A great weekend for those of us who love this sport!

L7-10 Meet

2015 NC L2-5 State Meet: What a weekend!

Congratulations to the 688 North Carolina gymnasts who competed at the 2015 NC Level 2-5 State Meet! The competitors performed some beautiful routines to entertain the crowd at the Smithfield Recreation Center. Morgan's Gymnastics did a terrific job of hosting the event. The sound system was provided by Audiosmith, and ScoreKing provided the scoring system.

We want to give a special congratulations for the first 10.0 score flashed on our displays!