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Here's what we provide when we score your meet:

  • Web enabled meet planning, which makes it super easy to discuss scheduling options.
  • Easy to use touchscreen scoring devices, designed by a judge with features they enjoy. We always bring plenty of backups!
  • Live Scoring to and to the USA Gymnastics myUSAgym app for easy access to scores by all.
  • A Coaches Console that puts scores at their fingertips on a nice big 24" touchscreen display.
  • Hardware redundancy: We will bring 2 of any required equipment, plus more scorepads than required. We include a continually replicating database on a backup server to protect the "coffee spill on the laptop". Your meet scores are important to us!
  • Final Meet scores available on this site as well as others.
  • A Leader Board with Team and Level standings provided for the coaches area for large meets.
  • Able to support from 1 to many displays. Default configuration of two 40 inch flatscreen displays are provided, each alternating scores for two events.
  • Reports that support flexible gymnast groupings ala USA Gymnastics style, AAU or others.
  • Supports both womens and mens gymnastics events.

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Our software has the features needed to hold reliable meets, at an affordable investment price. It is available to license for use in your meets with flexible terms.

Software Features include:

  • Cutting edge technology supporting a range of hardware devices
    • Amazon Fire tablets (often available for $50), Apple iPads, and Windows tablets can be used as score input devices. Don't spend more than you need to on scoring devices!
    • Flat screen TVs as scoreboards can be driven by Amazon Fire TV sticks (often available for $20), Intel Compute sticks, or a Windows computer.
    • A coaches console application driving a touchscreen display provides real-time scores to meet coaches and officials on the competition floor.
    • A coaches meeting assistant application running on a Microsoft Surface Go with pen support allows the scorekeeper or meet director to enter scratches and squad modifications at a coaches meeting on the competition floor.
  • Live scoring to both this website (with a clean interface and no advertisements) and the USA Gymnastics myusagym site.
  • A scoring server built with robustness in mind from the ground up, including a battery level monitor that lets the scorekeeper know the battery status of all the scorepads at all times, a scoreboard operations console to remotely configure and manage wirelessly connected scoreboards, and a wireless connection manager to manage the wireless connections of the scorepads.
  • Ability to support from 1 to many displays, with flexibility of mapping events to displays as you wish.
  • Hot Standby capabilities that minimize risk to your meet.
  • Meet Schedule Estimator to help you create a schedule that works.
  • Final Meet scores available on this site as well as others.
  • Support for a rolling Leader Board with Individual, Team and Level standings.
  • A medal estimator, to prevent that awful "Oops" moment when you realize you are short some medals!

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State Meet with Coaches  Console

ScoreKing Coaches Console in action.

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