A Gymnastics Scoring System providing robustness, reliability and flexibility.

We can either score your meet for you or provide you the ability to score your own!

Meet Scoring Services

We have lots of happy customers who immediately ask us back for future events. Here's what we provide:
  • Web enabled meet planning, which makes it super easy to discuss scheduling options.
  • Easy to use touchscreen scoring devices, designed by a judge with features they enjoy. We always bring plenty of backups!
  • Live Scoring to and to the USA Gymnastics myUSAgym app for easy access to scores by all.
  • A Coaches Console that puts scores at their fingertips on a nice big 24" touchscreen display.
  • Hardware redundancy: We will bring 2 of any required equipment, plus more scorepads than required. We include a continually replicating database on a backup server to protect the "coffee spill on the laptop". Your meet scores are important to us!
  • Final Meet scores available on this site as well as others.
  • A Leader Board with Team and Level standings provided for the coaches area for large meets.
  • Able to support 1-many displays. Default configuration of two 40 inch flatscreen displays are provided, each alternating scores for two events.
  • Reports that support flexible gymnast groupings ala USA Gymnastics style, AAU or others.

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View Meet Scores

  • Live Scores (for a session in progress): or check out our new mobile version!

  • Meet Results, Individual

  • Meet Results, Team

Our software has the features needed to hold reliable meets, at an affordable investment price. It is available to license for use in your meets with flexible terms.

Software Features include:

  • Awesome flexibility in the scorepad device choice!
    • Can be Windows based, Android (at 5.0 & later), or iOS.
    • Meets have been run successfully on Amazon Fires, Winbooks, Acers, Apple, and Lenovo devices. You choose what you want to use for score input devices!
    • Scorepad options for supporting wireless or wired when too much "noise" surrounds your site.
  • Live scoring to both this website and the USA Gymnastics site for their myUSAGym app
  • A scoring server built with robustness in mind from the ground up, including a battery level monitor that lets the scorekeeper know the battery status of all the scorepads at all times, a scoreboard operations console to remotely manage wirelessly connected scoreboards, and a wireless connection manager to manage the wireless connections of the scorepads.
  • Ability to support from 1 to many displays, with flexibility of mapping events to displays as you wish.
  • Hot Standby capabilities that minimize risk to your meet.
  • Reports that support flexible gymnast groupings ala USA Gymnastics style, AAU, High School, Rec Program or others.
  • Final Meet scores available on this site as well as others.
  • Support for a rolling Leader Board with Individual, Team and Level standings and a Coaches Console that you can provide for large meets.
  • Flexible terms for licensing are available.

State Meet with Coaches  Console

The Coaches Console made its debut at the NC Bronze Silver State Meet, another feature available to you.

2017 Regional

2017 Region 8 Level 9-10 Championship

Hosted by Kidsport in the Greensboro Colisseum April 7-9, Meet Director Sarah Myers and her fabulous friends and gym families put on a terrific meet for the girls to show their awesome skills.

ScoreKing turned in another smoothly running scoring experience, one that Sarah termed "a flawless" performance. We're happy with that!

2017 Gold Plat Meet

2017 NC Gold Platinum Diamond State Meet

LemPossible and their wonderful supporters made it possible to enjoy a great state meet in their neighborhood! Held Mar 31 - April 2 in Trinity, NC, our Gold, Platinum and Diamond gymnasts showed what they could do! The touchscreen Coaches Console was once again a hit with coaches. Next stop for ScoreKing...the Region 8 Level 9-10 Championship.

2017 Bronze Silver Meet

2017 NC Bronze Silver State Meet: Greetings from Greenville!

Rose's Gymnastics hosted a wonderful state meet March 25-27,2017 at the Greenville Convention Center.

Beautiful gymnastics in a lovely facility. For ScoreKing, it was the maiden voyage of our Coaches Console on a 23" touchscreen. It was a hit!

2016 Compulsory

2016 NC Compulsory State Meet: Great Meet on the Coast!

December 2-4,2016 at the Crystal Coast Civic Center

Congratulations to the 677 gymnasts who turned in great performances and to both New Bern Gymnastics and Crystal Coast Gymnastics for hosting a wonderful meet. A well run meet at a beautiful location... what else can you ask for?

August, 2016: The first year of ScoreKing's existence has come to a successful close!

The scoring system was used for over 26 meets - including two State Championships, lots of USA Gymnastics Invitationals, High School Conference and State Meets, PGL and Stars - with happy customers all around us! Thanks to all the gyms that gave us a great first year! Lots of new functions were added as the year went on, including Live Scoring, a Leader Board for the Coaches' room and new and improved reports. Customers who used the web interface for planning their meet were very positive on the experience.

And on the device side, support was added for Android and Windows 10 offering flexibility for clubs that are interested in licensing.

All in all, an exciting year! Now onward to the next...

2016 NC Level 7-10 State Meet

March 18-20, 2016 at the Greesboro Colisseum Complex

"Well Done" to Gymnasts, Coaches, Judges and Kidsport for a truly awesome meet! For ScoreKing, it was the maiden voyage for our "Leader Board" that scrolled Team and Individual Results in the Coaches' room, a popular feature. Live Scoring was provided as well. A great weekend for those of us who love this sport!

L7-10 Meet

2015 NC L2-5 State Meet: What a weekend!

Congratulations to the 688 North Carolina gymnasts who competed at the 2015 NC Level 2-5 State Meet! The competitors performed some beautiful routines to entertain the crowd at the Smithfield Recreation Center. Morgan's Gymnastics did a terrific job of hosting the event. The sound system was provided by Audiosmith, and ScoreKing provided the scoring system.

We want to give a special congratulations for the first 10.0 score flashed on our displays!




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Who are we ?

ScoreKing was developed by two people with a combined 50+ years of software development experience with IBM.

  • Julie King, a former IBM VP and current Level 10 Womens Gymnastics judge, who has also written GymJAS , the judge assigning software now in use by 41 states.
  • Ralph King, a former senior technical expert in IBM Store Systems software where reliability was of primary importance.

Our goal: to provide a scoring system that is easy to use and truly robust!

To round out Carolina Kings Software, add in Jessica King and her awesome website that provides a great resource for parents and gymnasts passionate about this sport. And check out the new system!

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You can contact us at We look forward to hearing from you.